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How Much Does it Really Matter?

I started writing this post while waiting for Women’s Group to begin last night. It should be evident where I picked up again today! God is good.

In the process of selling our house and buying the new one, there are so many unknowns.  I am really making an effort to trust that God will lead us down the right path. Having our house on the market for an extended period of time has been stressful, especially during the holidays. Matt loves how clean our house has been, while I feel like my hands are tied. It’s difficult to even do routine maintenance because we have to be ready to show the house at a moment’s notice, not to mention that there are so many projects I would still love to tackle. Our house hasn’t just been sitting on the market and twiddling its thumbs. We have had quite a bit of action in terms of showings and offers.

We received 2 offers (at and above asking price) during the first week on the market. Neither of them panned out.  We then received 2 offers below asking price, but within an acceptable range, during the second week on the market and we accepted one of the offers, but we couldn’t find a replacement property and fell out of escrow with the buyer.  Then, during the months of January and February,¬†we received no fewer than 4 offers on our house for $25-50k less than the asking price. Thanks, but no thanks. Several realtors have confirmed that our price isn’t unreasonable and all it takes is one person who wants to call our house their home. Now, we’re 4 days away from having to renegotiate or fall out of escrow with the sellers for the house that will hopefully be ours.

Make that three days away from falling out of escrow. That’s only 72 hours to find a buyer… except for one important detail: I received a call from Matt  while at Women’s Group last night. We received a reasonable offer on our house and we will be countering the offer (they left out a few pertinent details, such as a closing date). And we’re left asking ourselves how much the money really matters. Are we going to fret over the $4,000 between our asking price and the offer price? We could counter our buyer with a higher price, but should we risk letting the deal fall through and pricing ourselves out of the market? And for what good, to try to line our pockets with an extra $2000?  My intuition says no.  I believe that is called greed, especially since the move will put us into a much better position with a somewhat larger, but significantly more functional house, a shorter commute for Matt and a more centralized location, more equity and a (hopefully) lower interest rate. We will have a slightly higher payment, but the transaction will actually add some money to our savings and take away our PMI payment, so we’ll be paying more money into our house instead of lining somebody else’s pockets!

We are cautiously optimistic because we still have a long way to go before the close of escrow, however, we are very excited to move forward in the house buying and selling process.  Please pray with us for a committed buyer, a negative black mold test (in the new house–I will share the new house details when we are in escrow on both ends), and a smooth transition for our family. I’d love to hear your moving tips as my last move consisted of moving several boxes at a time, over the course of two and a half years, as Matt needed stuff and then as I wanted my stuff over here.

Happy Wednesday y’all!