Double the Kids, Triple the Crazy

I recently started caring for a friend’s child four days per week and, combined with our house being back on the market, I’ve been pretty busy. I mean, is there an Olympic medal for keeping the house in showcase condition while chasing around a baby and a toddler? No? Well, I wouldn’t win it anyway because most of the credit for the clean house goes to my sweet hubby. A man who cleans (and cooks breakfast for me while I sleep in on Saturdays) is my type of man!

As far as tripling the crazy, with two kids (opposed to one), on top of caring for them, I have to be attentive to their interactions with each other since neither of them are above smacking,  grabbing, or stealing toys from each other. Thank goodness they are both so sweet and adorable! Here are those two lovely little misses! Charlotte is on the right.


This little lady is 7 months older than Charlotte and is a petite bundle of 15-month-old energy. She keeps me on my toes for sure! I am really looking forward to when the girls are on more even footing and I have high hopes that they will eventually develop a strong friendship.

Any suggestions about disciplining two littles in close age proximity would be greatly appreciated! How do you handle jealousy amongst children?

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With love,


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