The Unexpected Element of Surprise

I am, by nature, a planner.  And an ambitious planner, at that.  A journal page written by my thirteen-year-old self lists my lofty life goals, some of which have been achieved (not necessarily in the specified timeframe) and some which I reflect upon and and say to myself “what was I THINKING?!”

In a nutshell, after graduating from high school (where I would have already completed some units for college), my plan was to graduate from college in three years with my B.S. in Architecture.  While in school, I would have met and married Mr. Right (of course, he would have been my first and only boyfriend).  Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I would have immediately enrolled in a Master’s program in NYC and by age 24, I would have been working full time at an architectural firm, while getting my Master’s degree, and while being PREGNANT WITH QUADRUPLETS.  Thank goodness that didn’t happen.  For those of you unfamiliar with architecture, some popular nicknames for architecture majors are “architorture” and “you won’t sleep for 5 years” and I think the same would be true for quadruplets.  I can only imagine the misery of that combination.  I said my goals were lofty, right?  Regardless, I am so very thankful that my life didn’t go down this path.

Instead, I graduated from college (it ONLY took me 7 years) and I wish that my husband was the only guy I ever dated… life would be much simpler that way.  I married Matt, the man of my dreams, on July 7th, 2012.  Oh, and after getting married, we promptly got pregnant.  What an ironic Labor Day surprise!  It’s been a little over a year since all those changes occurred and now I am a stay at home mom to my sweet daughter, Charlotte, who was born on Mother’s Day 2013.  I am very interested in natural parenting and I love, love, love doing home improvement projects.  I want my daughter to know that girls can do anything thus–this is what girls do!  We just listed our house today, so no more DIY projects for this house, but the fun will continue with projects that we can bring along to our next house!

What is or was the biggest surprise or unexpected event in your life?

P.S. Charlotte took diaper changing to a whole new level today.  You know, the level where your baby instantly turns into an olympic-caliber gymnast when placed on the changing table.  I was changing her this morning and while I held both her feet in one hand, she managed to do a handstand.  No joke!  If I had a third arm, I would have taken a picture, but I was slightly preoccupied by trying to keep her poopy bum from touching the wall.


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