How Much Does it Really Matter?

I started writing this post while waiting for Women’s Group to begin last night. It should be evident where I picked up again today! God is good.

In the process of selling our house and buying the new one, there are so many unknowns.  I am really making an effort to trust that God will lead us down the right path. Having our house on the market for an extended period of time has been stressful, especially during the holidays. Matt loves how clean our house has been, while I feel like my hands are tied. It’s difficult to even do routine maintenance because we have to be ready to show the house at a moment’s notice, not to mention that there are so many projects I would still love to tackle. Our house hasn’t just been sitting on the market and twiddling its thumbs. We have had quite a bit of action in terms of showings and offers.

We received 2 offers (at and above asking price) during the first week on the market. Neither of them panned out.  We then received 2 offers below asking price, but within an acceptable range, during the second week on the market and we accepted one of the offers, but we couldn’t find a replacement property and fell out of escrow with the buyer.  Then, during the months of January and February, we received no fewer than 4 offers on our house for $25-50k less than the asking price. Thanks, but no thanks. Several realtors have confirmed that our price isn’t unreasonable and all it takes is one person who wants to call our house their home. Now, we’re 4 days away from having to renegotiate or fall out of escrow with the sellers for the house that will hopefully be ours.

Make that three days away from falling out of escrow. That’s only 72 hours to find a buyer… except for one important detail: I received a call from Matt  while at Women’s Group last night. We received a reasonable offer on our house and we will be countering the offer (they left out a few pertinent details, such as a closing date). And we’re left asking ourselves how much the money really matters. Are we going to fret over the $4,000 between our asking price and the offer price? We could counter our buyer with a higher price, but should we risk letting the deal fall through and pricing ourselves out of the market? And for what good, to try to line our pockets with an extra $2000?  My intuition says no.  I believe that is called greed, especially since the move will put us into a much better position with a somewhat larger, but significantly more functional house, a shorter commute for Matt and a more centralized location, more equity and a (hopefully) lower interest rate. We will have a slightly higher payment, but the transaction will actually add some money to our savings and take away our PMI payment, so we’ll be paying more money into our house instead of lining somebody else’s pockets!

We are cautiously optimistic because we still have a long way to go before the close of escrow, however, we are very excited to move forward in the house buying and selling process.  Please pray with us for a committed buyer, a negative black mold test (in the new house–I will share the new house details when we are in escrow on both ends), and a smooth transition for our family. I’d love to hear your moving tips as my last move consisted of moving several boxes at a time, over the course of two and a half years, as Matt needed stuff and then as I wanted my stuff over here.

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Nine Months Later…


Sweet baby girl,

Happy nine months of life! I always dreamed I would have a baby girl, but I never could have imagined how much you have changed our lives for the better. You radiate joy to everyone, happy girl.  Your smiles not only melt our hearts; they melt the hearts of everyone we meet.

Before you were born, I wondered who you would look like. You have Mama’s hazel/blue/gray eyes (for now) and long, dark eyelashes, but your eyes are slowly turning brown. Your dark hair is starting to grow out a bit. I apologize for your bald head–that’s all my fault. Daddy actually had hair when he was your age.

You still love to nurse, but you definitely want to move around while nursing. I cherish our morning nursing and  snuggles every day.  On Saturday mornings, Daddy loves to get up and play with you before Mommy gets up. You love to make silly faces, especially your scrunchy face, at Daddy (and everyone else). You love crawling out of your room and dancing nude at the top of the stairs (I am usually giggling from the couch) when Daddy is trying to get you ready for bed. You love when Grandma plays Patty Cake with you and you love giving Grandma butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses, and Grandma kisses. Grandma occasionally rocks you to sleep and you enjoy peacefully looking at yourself in the mirror until your eyelids are so heavy that they can’t possibly stay open any longer.  You constantly show off your “wiggle fingers” to Grandpa and you enjoy going on walks with him. You love Grandpa’s backyard tours too! You enjoy rocking out when Poppi plays his guitar and you like Nonni’s rhymes in Italian.

You are an adventurous eater and blueberries are your favorite food.  You also like Grandma’s sourdough bread, mango, kiwi, asparagus, banana, pear, peas, carrots, corn, green beans, raspberries, bell peppers, beets, pasta, and everything else we put in front of you. Oh, and you love to chew on wood and metal.

Sweet baby girl, never lose your amazing joyfulness. Daddy and I will do our best to instill faith, wonder, joy, and creativity into your heart. We love you more than words can express.

The Beginnings of Charlotte’s 15 Minutes of Fame

I wanted to post a video on this site, but I’m still pretty inept at this whole blogging thing and couldn’t figure out how to imbed the darned video.  I plan to do some studying and reading to learn how to use more features on this blog, but first, here’s a link to Good Morning, Sacramento.  You can hear Charlotte screaming at about 2:10 and we have a cameo appearance during the last few seconds of the video.  We were there for about an hour and we were part of 3 or 4 different segments, but this was the only one I could find in the archives.

Charlotte: The Screamer at Kissed By The Moon

If I had the opportunity to talk about why I love cloth diapers, I’d probably ramble on and on… but besides being cuter, saving money, and having less no chemicals against Charlotte’s skin, they’re also much kinder to the environment and, in my experience, they’re better at containing everything!  Do you think I’m crazy or are you nodding along in agreement? Let me know in the comments!

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Double the Kids, Triple the Crazy

I recently started caring for a friend’s child four days per week and, combined with our house being back on the market, I’ve been pretty busy. I mean, is there an Olympic medal for keeping the house in showcase condition while chasing around a baby and a toddler? No? Well, I wouldn’t win it anyway because most of the credit for the clean house goes to my sweet hubby. A man who cleans (and cooks breakfast for me while I sleep in on Saturdays) is my type of man!

As far as tripling the crazy, with two kids (opposed to one), on top of caring for them, I have to be attentive to their interactions with each other since neither of them are above smacking,  grabbing, or stealing toys from each other. Thank goodness they are both so sweet and adorable! Here are those two lovely little misses! Charlotte is on the right.


This little lady is 7 months older than Charlotte and is a petite bundle of 15-month-old energy. She keeps me on my toes for sure! I am really looking forward to when the girls are on more even footing and I have high hopes that they will eventually develop a strong friendship.

Any suggestions about disciplining two littles in close age proximity would be greatly appreciated! How do you handle jealousy amongst children?

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With love,

Thrifty Thursday err, Friday: Christmas Edition

Merry second third day of Christmas! Hubby has to work today, but Charlotte and I will be cleaning the house and I’ll be finishing a little Christmas project for our nephew before a family Christmas celebration tonight.

I found the steal of the century while shopping at our local American Cancer Society store several weeks ago!  My mom and I stopped at the American Cancer Society store on a whim.  We were browsing when I saw a woman preparing to purchase a cast iron Christmas tree stand.  It is a beautiful stand; ornate, bright red enameled, and in fantastic condition.  I’d never seen anything like it.  For whatever reason, she decided against the purchase and started carrying it back to where she (presumably) found it.  After confirming that she was not going to purchase the stand, I kid you not, I snatched it up before it even touched the floor.  It’s so sturdy that it will probably outlast my great great great grandchildren!  For the $15 price tag, I was sold.  At the register, I was informed that everything in the store was 50% off.  DOUBLY SOLD!  I whipped out my wallet, purchased the stand, did a happy dance, and stashed it in my car before my mom even realized I’d gone missing.  And then I went back inside and did more shopping.


It looks beautiful under our tree!  I love it so much that I decided to forego the Christmas tree skirt this year (ours is a secondhand one that is ready to be retired) and as a bonus, I don’t have to worry about Charlotte constantly trying to eat the beads off the tree skirt.  She has the persistence of a missionary.  We’re thrilled that it’s so sturdy since Charlotte loves to pull herself up onto everything.  We’re not too concerned about her pulling the tree over because the stand is so heavy duty.  I found the stand just in time for our little family to go get our Christmas tree.  Our family room ceilings are at least 12-15 feet tall, so we got a 10 foot tree and the stand holds the tree comfortably.

Also, because I’m always nervous about having open containers of water over laminate wood and rugs, I went to Joanns and purchased 1 1/2 yards of navy blue vinyl from the home decor section for about $8, using a 50% off coupon.  In previous years, we’ve used a vinyl Christmas tablecloth, but it got torn up last year from the old stand.  We centered the tree stand on the new vinyl mat after I’d trimmed it up a bit, so we have peace of mind if there are any spills.  It also does a great job of catching a lot of the fallen pine needles and prevents the stand from scratching the floor!

Anyone else put waterproof material under their Christmas tree or are my mom and I the only weirdos?  Or, do you mitigate the water and pine needle issue by using a fake tree?

The Unexpected Element of Surprise

I am, by nature, a planner.  And an ambitious planner, at that.  A journal page written by my thirteen-year-old self lists my lofty life goals, some of which have been achieved (not necessarily in the specified timeframe) and some which I reflect upon and and say to myself “what was I THINKING?!”

In a nutshell, after graduating from high school (where I would have already completed some units for college), my plan was to graduate from college in three years with my B.S. in Architecture.  While in school, I would have met and married Mr. Right (of course, he would have been my first and only boyfriend).  Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I would have immediately enrolled in a Master’s program in NYC and by age 24, I would have been working full time at an architectural firm, while getting my Master’s degree, and while being PREGNANT WITH QUADRUPLETS.  Thank goodness that didn’t happen.  For those of you unfamiliar with architecture, some popular nicknames for architecture majors are “architorture” and “you won’t sleep for 5 years” and I think the same would be true for quadruplets.  I can only imagine the misery of that combination.  I said my goals were lofty, right?  Regardless, I am so very thankful that my life didn’t go down this path.

Instead, I graduated from college (it ONLY took me 7 years) and I wish that my husband was the only guy I ever dated… life would be much simpler that way.  I married Matt, the man of my dreams, on July 7th, 2012.  Oh, and after getting married, we promptly got pregnant.  What an ironic Labor Day surprise!  It’s been a little over a year since all those changes occurred and now I am a stay at home mom to my sweet daughter, Charlotte, who was born on Mother’s Day 2013.  I am very interested in natural parenting and I love, love, love doing home improvement projects.  I want my daughter to know that girls can do anything thus–this is what girls do!  We just listed our house today, so no more DIY projects for this house, but the fun will continue with projects that we can bring along to our next house!

What is or was the biggest surprise or unexpected event in your life?

P.S. Charlotte took diaper changing to a whole new level today.  You know, the level where your baby instantly turns into an olympic-caliber gymnast when placed on the changing table.  I was changing her this morning and while I held both her feet in one hand, she managed to do a handstand.  No joke!  If I had a third arm, I would have taken a picture, but I was slightly preoccupied by trying to keep her poopy bum from touching the wall.